Original title: 19 autumn and winter skirts, fashionable avant-garde

Dresses allow us to save a little time on the mix, with less effort and effort. Half skirts require some effort in matching, but they also represent more possibilities.

Choose your own skirt according to your body shape, wear shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, etc., and wear your own style.

From the show and street shooting of major fashion weeks, you can learn about some of the trend of skirts.


Ruffled skirt

The ruffled elements are sweet and romantic, which can show the girl’s playful and cute feeling. Mix and match sweaters, shirts, T-shirts and other classic items with ruffled skirts for a casual, stylish and stylish look.

Using elements such as prints, asymmetry, and split ends to cater to retro fashion trends, it presents a variety of styles, and the form of matching is more diverse.

Coach 19AW

Coach 19AW

Michael Kors 19AW

Michael Kors 19AW

Alberta Ferretti 19AW


Phillip Lim 19FW

Saint Laurent 19AW


Pleated skirt

The sleek pleated skirt continues from spring to winter, and the elegant organ pleats are popular and popular for many years.

Mix and match all kinds of single items, and experience the casual and casual feeling of layered stacking.

Paired with a suit, leather jacket, bomber jacket, windbreaker, coat…

Embellished with silk scarves

Updated on the pattern and color of the skirt

Pleated on the show



Christopher Kane19AW


Lacoste 19AW

Sacai 19AW


A-line skirt

The A-shaped skirt is slim and slim. It uses tannins, face, tweed, leather, tulle, satin, etc. to create a half skirt. The simple structure design has more tension, and it is easy to wear and wear.

Brand demonstration:

Max mrar







Umbrella skirt

The shed has a three-dimensional feel, listening to the details of the waist. For girls who are wide, wearing an umbrella skirt can be a good way to modify the buttocks.


Pencil skirt

The slim pencil skirt is sexy and generous, using wool, cashmere, knit, satin and other textured fabrics to highlight the quality, color blocks, prints, patterns add new ideas.

Use the design elements such as split ends, ruffles, and heterogeneous stitching to update the skirt design.








Asymmetrical skirt

Use asymmetrical design to highlight the personality, and cover the skin is thin, hide the place you want to cover, you can show the place generously.

Soften the overall style with elements such as ruffles, lace, and tassels

Use different fabrics for splicing, blending two or more styles, such as: sweet + handsome, soft + tough…


Satin skirt

Interpreting the skirt from the material aspect, of course, the texture satin is less compensated, the surface is shiny, the drape is excellent, and the wear is strong and the sense of quality is high.


Leather skirt

A tough leather skirt, choose neutral colors, such as: black, white, gray, camel…, wear wild.