The drawstrings are used not only in the local use of the garments but also as the main material of the garments. Once there was a designer who shocked the fashion industry with a design wearing a bandage, and the effect of the female body lines was created through the straps to show the feminine,. Layered lines of the package also represent a certain meaning: First is the influence of the big environment make the decorative trend is more important than the original fancy design to get popular, so the use of straps to create the visual effects, in addition to creating natural wrinkles on clothing, asymmetrical lines can also have a certain sense of beauty; the second is the psychological level. The strapping and winding on clothing are like another protection, not only can fix the clothing itself but also like another invisible protection besides women’s clothing.

The drawstring plays a certain decorative role while satisfying certain practical functions. Usually a round braid is called a rope, and a flat braid is called a belt. That is, the rope is round and the belt is flat. Strap from the intuition gives a slender linear feeling. It has the basic characteristics of the “line” in the aesthetic sense: the form is different and its nature is also different, sometimes close to a straight line. It is straightforward, clear, and gives people a feeling of toughness, openness, and regularity; sometimes it’s like a slash, unlike the horizontal and vertical lines, which have their own stable center of gravity, and the feeling of falling at any time often gives people a lively, unsteady, The sloping line is light and sporty. Sometimes it is like a free curve. It is free,soft and feminine. It can be soft, elastic, and sporty.