Talk Some Important Thing About Chinese Women’s Clothing fabrics in 2019  Spring and Summer

As the most important garment accessories clothing fabric pay very important role on the clothing production. This time we just talk about clothing fabric trend in detail.

Concept of Season :Rebuilding

At the time of lifestyle, consumption is trying to clean it’s previous antagonism part, showing light pattern of  more inner and more enjoyable consumerism.While the fluctuant customers become the new individual between ordinary and specialty.

Both our clothing fabric and cultural world are rebuilt:all of principles of human society are rebuilt, the connection between AI and technology are rebuilt, the border of modern and primitive nature are rebuilt, the new limitation of mass taste are also rebuilt.Eventually, the core competition of value chain become affection and response, empathy and moral.

Theme one:“Creator”

At the time of lifestyle,brand are trying to cover everything of our life and continuing rebuilding all relations of human society.what the customer need is not merely products at all but attitudes. Their focus has shift from practicability to affection.The emergence of ideology“Stylish Nourishment ” shows people’s attention to their body and acceptance of their body’s defect.They seek the balance of lifestyle.In forceful competition between comfort and patterns, it helps balance the mass and beauty, the revolution of body and the freedom of spirit by the structure of art and reflection of beauty.

garment fabric


Theme color is made of two parts :a series of  warm color whose color is closed to skin with lightness and low saturation, bright and light multicolor of high lightness .The color close to skin is soft and fine ,showing low—key ,comfortable and same wearing attitudes, while the light  multicolor full of joy is light with spring feeling, such color is usually used in the clothing fabric of transparency and thin one, in this way , it looks natural.The collocation between  light multicolor and skin is elegant and subtle,meanwhile , the new effectiveness of light future is also shown on clothing fabric products and other garment accessories like zippers, webbing band,  jean buttons, drawstrings, etc

Clothing fabric:

Clothing fabrics play a important role in enjoying people’s sense as the main garment accessories products.It values the reflection of body and pays attention to the health life.Clothing fabric of comfort ,high elasticity,Matt or light color build the soft touching feeling like one’s skin.Clothing fabrics like Matt velutum,sanding grain cotton and natural fiberflax is adopt the same or close stripes.The soft knitting clothing fabric with a pendant and thin summer popeline are light ,thin and honey.The soft satin release gentle lustre.Simple and elegant style interpret the effectiveness of hollowing out used in paper cutting and fine lace .The fine and slight wrinkle bring attractive and elegant appearances.

Theme two:Utopia

AI and things is approaching day by day.Technology can be embodied into any object by intangible user interface.In the future, any part of our bodies can be an interactive tool.The connection between time brand and technology is increasing,Geek has been the fashion poineer in the number frontier .Smart has been a kind of new sexuality.While the massive information is keeping eroding our attention.Under sharing economy ,we should abandon the  increasing competition of consumerism and advocate“happy abstention”.Little means much and less means more.


Technology is moving towards abstention and popuse,which is presented obviously in the color aspect.Black and white and grey form the basic color in future technology.Color of  grey means presents the reason and logic, black presents the depth and quiet, black play a role in connection and  interval.The key ornament that is used to match grey and black is the bright multicolor with high lightness and saturation, such color also stress the technical function or light effect of different clothing parts above the basic color, meanwhile it also improve the key color as a whole.

Clothing fabrics:

The four—dimensional connection of  future ,present ,modern and practice facility build clothing fabric surface. It pays attention to the usage of functional fibre.The light clothing fabric of nylon run through , emphasizing grossness,texture, effectiveness of metal scratch wrinkle like silver paper,trapping people into the sense of vision and  hearing.The friction of organza makes pleasent sound.PVC and coated fabric with wetting effective creatively used in daily clothing, this practice goes back to classic and practice.Protective fabric with leather appearances  meets the needs of modern outlook by duplex or decreasing lightness.The classical Welsh patterns,Tatesar and thin stripes are evolving in a modern way.

Theme three:Human History

Drived by technology ,the contradiction between fashion and environment has been breaking  down at this modern time.The importance of modern is valued again.More and more unknown surprise emerge due to the  association between  east and west,tradition and modern,belief and reason. We are entering into a time of post tradtion, it is a kingdom hiding the border of nature and society. It helps us temporarily escape from the place wherever fibre can reach.“pure fashion” are building a wonderful life, making animal protectionism do not give in or make a concession blindly at all.The core force that can attract customers become the circulating  process that can be date back.

red fabric


The emerge of a group of fresh and breathing multicolor express our new reflection about sustainable life.Some organic color like  slight green, pineapple yellow bring natural and plain feeling.

The tangle blue, red like African soil and blood red has become the national symbol .It is what we refine and practice towards our national spirit in the time of  post tradtion.The last group of color prime to slight green and grey and army green play key role in outdoor activities and sport.

Clothing fabrics:

The idea of sustainable ecology and moral consumption offers us new idea.It imitate the rough primitive texture and  rouse lines under natural environment .It is characterized by the  natural flaw, the effect of wrinkle and exposure and appearances of  concrete.The practices like the face of natural flax fiber,the irregular effort that tight twist yarn and  seersucker.The appearances like dry towel bring us into a indolent atmosphere,rustic clothing fabric like denim,canvas and tannin,after processing,come into a new touch feeling.Natural fabric and traditional handicrafts are put into modern elements.Cut flowers,Xiao burnt —out and summer jacquard emphasis the effect of light and transparency.

Theme four:light civilization

The reduce of consumerism is turning the right of shopping begins isolating the pattern of function and practice and focusing on the increasing hedonism.It is characterized by addicting into the temporary hots and desiring continuing updates ,it also persistently spreads images and music to deal with matters by entertaining signs  and advocate the memories to retro culture,nostalgic antique and production in bulk.The trend of inverse fashion has change the chain of traditional production.It puts the prejudice of  beauty and ugliness ,rightness and wrong away and makes everything back to the unfamiliar start point.The copper of network and internet become the soil of growing such a revolution.


As before,the coexistence of living high multicolor and dark multicolor can be found.Such color like lasting popular bright yellow,bring orange , artificial green and blue with the feeling of plastics,cold technical puple,rose,bright red are the most attractive color at the time of “entertainment is the most”.The connection and crash  among pure colors bring excitement psychologically and stimulation in marketing.trans aesthetic has also expressed much novelty in massive visions and changing forms.

Clothing fabrics:

To explore subversive new handicrafts and clothing fabrics.It is characterized by focusing on new colors,stripes and freely combined patterns.Different handicrafts like stamps,embroidery,flocking and stitches exert enough facial effectiveness.The glittering light metal silk brocade deconstructs rebuilt stripes and checks and adopts colorful and striking colour matching as well as lapping veins.Clothing fabric with different transparency are dealt in purifying or pattern way.Brilliant paulette come back to people’s sight and build gorgeous and exaggerate hedonism with metal yarn.On the surface lay clear sign words and scrawl.