With the people’s increasing attention on fashion aspect, clothing fabric which is one very important garment accessories –one of the three factors, has also lift its importance,because its function lies in meeting the  needs of various of clothing, manufacturing clothing with kinds of styles and image and showing different appearances and meaning, which physically and mentally satisfies people.

Firstly,modeling feature. The fabric has differences in it’s thickness, hardness, elasticity,drapability. With their own modeling  features ,drapability and elasticity, different fabrics  determine the delicacy and flexibility of clothing,the clarity of outline and its rigidity etc.The light, thin and soft fabrics boost the good drapability ,so the clothing made by such fabric appear graceful with good flexibility, while the clothing made by thick, solid and stiff fabrics have clear outline and forceful modeling. When choosing fabrics, we need to take the modeling features of different fabrics into consideration and choose the proper fabric .Fabrics which show modeling styles help show clothing features.

Secondly, appearances features.Fabrics of different colors,patterns,lustre,superficial texture,quality and visual sense leave people different feeling, forming various of clothing styles. For example, the color of red leaves people warmth ,enthusiasm and joy.Blue leaves cool, clearity and reason.The pattern of circle leaves soft.Rhombus leaves stiffness. The fabric of good lustre leaves brilliance and grace.The fabric of flat surface leaves exquisite and comfortable. Light and smooth fabrics leaves cool.

Another is the wearability. Wearability means different functional requirements on fabrics. Some are comfort oriented ,some emphasis the fastness,some focus on warmth perversion,while some care the beauty of appearances.The functions of durability ,comfort,visual sense, dirt prevention , moisture absorption ,ventilation and crease resistance influence the wearability of clothing.


The development of clothing fabric companions the changes of needs in the sector, clothing fabric will develop toward technology ,function and environmental protection in the future like .The clothing fabric  should serve the inartificial fibre function of comfort and ventilation  as well as its function of crease resistance and shrinking resistance. The clothing should be wear,put away in a random way,besides, it should keep warm and radiate with the changes of temperature,rid the factors that is bad for our health in living spaces ,resist ultraviolet ray, bacteria and mite.

So check different clothing fabric together with our other main garment accessories like drawstrings, zippers, webbing tape to create unique result for your clothing.

ES apparel group will do what we can to meet all your different requirement on apparel industry. All can be  achieved by us.