Most people have encountered such problems: The collars that they just started wearing are still quite upright,but after washing for a few times, the clothing will collapse when you wear, even if  ironed, they still will fall down, clothing also does not show class. What determines the trouble is the collar lining wrapped in the collar fabric, which is not the fabric but is as important as the fabric and is easily overlooked. In all clothing, the collar-like this “material” is called garment accessories, that also explain the question What is garment accessories.

ES as one big garment accessories suppliers in China we will talk much about it in detail in this article.

What is the impact of garment accessories on a finished suit? How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of suit garment accessories? What’s the tips here? These questions are the subject of our introduction today. 

Bad Garment Accessories~Bad Craftwork

Good Garment Accessories≈ Good Craftwork

Garment Accessories and the clothing craft are not separated from each other and complement each other.

Garment accessories products play a very important role in the technological level of a piece of clothing and the quality of the manufacture.

garment accessories

For example, we all know that there are shoulder pads in suits, good shoulder pads are obviously more durable, and relatively light and breathable. As for the poorer pads,  they may look “fierce” and very thick at first glance,but their air permeability is bad, the wearing feeling is also relatively just so so.After being worn for a long time, first  they are easy to make the shoulder part not flat and  will have the uneven undulation, secondly, they make wearing suit tiring because of uneven force . 

Key Garment Accessories Products List for Clothing


Silk and bingbo are very good lining for suits.  Scientific name of bingo is copper ammonia (copper ammonia fiber), compared with the real sillies it  has a price advantage, in addition to the feel and luster is not as good as silk,it also has its own advantages.

Silk has more advantages than its disadvantages, but one of the more obvious shortcomings is that it is relatively fragile and easy to wire. And it is difficult to recover after the silk is thread. Look at the ingredients of the washing water mark in the suit, the copper ammonia fiber and the silk are good lining.

Wool Lining

The linings is  filled in the middle of the suit fabric and lining ,they are made of wool, hemp, and cotton.The wool lining also has difference in quality. The top lining is more light, breathable and elastic, and the price is twice higher than normal wool lining, which is common.  Because the wool lining inside the finished suit is neither seen nor touched, it is difficult for consumers to make a judgement.It is a test for the mortality.

Shoulder Pads

Nowadays,good shoulder pads are generally moderately thick (some leisure suits can use thinner pads)and are durable.People wear suits with this pads for a long time do not feel  pressure on their shoulders.

Clothing Button

Externally visualized, only buttons can significantly improve the level of a piece of clothing besides of fabric.The top fabric,  matched with a plastic button, is instantly pulled down to the low level as the button. Good buttons are made of natural material, such as horns buckle and shell buckle, horns buckle has texture, shells buckle has luster, advanced suit  mostly of adopt buttons of these two materials. Secondly, some synthetic high strength buttons are also used. They are characterized by rich  color and texture with certain luster and are often used in some casual clothes.

Pure natural horn buckle and shell buckle are fine and beautiful , the price is high. A suit that can match these buttons in malls is often not less than ten thousand yuan. In a word, the fine clothing accessories for the details will be made.

Pants Zipper

Look at zipper, most of outside of zipper on pants  is protruding outwards, after wearing for a long time, it is easy to let the front crotch covering the front of the zipper deforme. Once the “key” part deforme, it is not easy to recover, and looks very ugly. The more diligent approach is to sew the face of the zipper protruding to the inside, so that the smooth inner face appears outside and  such problems can be avoided.

Whether dress is good or not depends on  if it is light when you put on

Good trimmings and accessories often have a common advantage, that is, lightness,the weight of all accessories on the whole body ,if is added together, is very obvious. If a suit can give consideration to the shape of upright and  comfortable wearing feeling, it is absolutely superior in quality.