3 Reasons You Must Prevent Aluminum Zippers & Helpful Tips


Metal teeth zips can be produced from brass, nickel, aluminum, etc., which can be found in a wide selection of surfaces. Nevertheless, aluminum zips are not advised due to their unique qualities, regardless of their competitive cost when compared to their counterparts. Below are the top 3 reasons why you must prevent utilizing aluminum zips. We [...]

3 Reasons You Must Prevent Aluminum Zippers & Helpful Tips2019-01-04T13:20:24+00:00

2 Important Standard ES Use On Producing Zippers


With the quick development of textile market, people's awareness of environmental management has been enhanced significantly and their mentality of returning to nature has been more and more strong also. Effected by this pattern, environmentally friendly garment accessories like waterproof zippers and buttons slowly come into style. There are many ecological standards used in textile industy. [...]

2 Important Standard ES Use On Producing Zippers2018-12-25T03:01:17+00:00

One Special Color To Use In 2019


Pantone is a method for pinpointing, combinations as well as presenting several colors for congruity, thus that they may be actually utilized both in the print as well as fabric style fields. It's a body made use of to systematize colors all over these fields, which has actually been utilized through fabric developers for much more [...]

One Special Color To Use In 20192018-12-18T05:58:07+00:00

Don’t Wear Denim, Leather, And Tassels Together, It’s Too Cool!


Cowboy, leather, tassel Any of these three elements are placed in the fashion circle All enough to hold up a day Can withstand the trend and classic torture Hold the test of time and space Single wear has been so classic If you combine them What is the chemical effect? Let Xiaobian take you to see [...]

Don’t Wear Denim, Leather, And Tassels Together, It’s Too Cool!2018-11-06T12:30:16+00:00

Something About Leather Label You Should Know


Jeans have actually been adored by individuals because the sturdiness since their appearance during the gold fever in the last century. Nowadays, they are also considered as a stylish item which are popular amongst people with various ages. Nevertheless, have you ever discovered the leather label on the back of your denims? Although the design of [...]

Something About Leather Label You Should Know2018-11-04T12:09:14+00:00

Glory Chinese Grass Latest Clothing Design Release


On October 31st, the Beijing Golden Hall, the famous Chinese fashion designer Zhang Yichao once again took the "culture roots, non-legacy souls, summer cloth for the capacity, folding fan shaping, sea smudged, resurrection, ancient dramas" The 60 sets of Rongchang Xiabu creative works landed in China International Fashion Week, presenting the achievements of inheritance based on [...]

Glory Chinese Grass Latest Clothing Design Release2018-11-04T03:52:47+00:00

ES Provide Denim Trend To Learn


For a moment, it seemed to be as if chopped denim were right here to stay, and also every various other denim fashion trend will accidentally find yourself resembling the concept in some way. Mown denim was all the go crazy simply a few months earlier, and also you couldn't browse a manner magazine without detecting [...]

ES Provide Denim Trend To Learn2018-10-29T07:41:10+00:00

Five Main Popular Fabric You Should Learn For This Winter


Core Tip: In the 2018 autumn and winter series show, fur (mostly artificial fur), tweed, knitting, lambskin, leather is a common clothing fabric. These fabrics, which are widely used by big brands, are the wind vane that designers can learn from or they will occupy the market of autumn and winter of 2018, becoming the popular [...]

Five Main Popular Fabric You Should Learn For This Winter2018-10-21T12:33:26+00:00

The Key Colors Of The Spring And Summer In 2020


The 5 key colors predicted by the WGSN global color trends will affect the spring and summer of 2020. The designers gradually retract the overpowering tone and the freshness tone returns strongly which is elegant like the nature. It reveals a thick vitality which is the design we really expect. New mint green New mint green [...]

The Key Colors Of The Spring And Summer In 20202018-10-08T14:59:13+00:00

2019 Autumn And Winter Fabric / Color Trend


Each season has its own special and imprint, so the fashion trend is constantly adjusted to adapt to different styles. Color has always been an important part of fashion. Proper color usage can help highlight the details of the design and attract people's attention. As a professional waterproof zipper designer and manufacturer, ES is fully aware [...]

2019 Autumn And Winter Fabric / Color Trend2018-09-30T05:32:52+00:00

Garment Accessories – Webbing

You can find various webbing style from ES. We focus on world fashion trend all the time then create different style webbing to lead fashion meanwhile create fashion trend too. Webbing band, webbing tape, webbing strip, webbing ribbon,etc. Letter webbing, printed webbing, knitting webbing, etc. Any style webbing apparel accessories you can find from ES.

Garment Accessories – Metal Plate

We will design various metal plate shape meanwhile use different decoration to create unique design metal plate like adding pearl, rhinestone onto metal plate. You can not only customize metal plate shape from ES but also customize metal plate material from ES too. We can meet your different requirement on your demand to meet your unique design.

Garment Accessories – Drawstring

We own very high standard on drawstrings even though it don’t play very important  role on garment accessories. You can find any your loved style drawstrings from ES. Any demand on drawstrings can be met here.

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