You think buttons are designed to fasten clothes? You’re wrong The distance between you and fashion is a row of buttons.

As one of the most important elements of fashion. Buttons are small but never lack of wonderful stories! No matter how convenient the zipper is, it is still not a substitute for the old invitations. Nowadays, buttons are no longer simply used to fasten clothes and sleeves, but become ornaments on clothes and even become decorative “false button” sewn on clothing.

                All  are fashionable “decorations”? I must have buckled a fake button. 

Today, the role of buttons is not only limited to the utility of tying clothes, but also embodies the creativity, artistry and beauty of fashion.  


Their buttons don’t have too many complicated details, echoing the simple lines of the dress itself.

This button is really “pretentious” and only shows off the fashion.

In fact, the button is very powerful in decoration. Here are the usage of a few practical and decorative button :


In the spring and autumn, it seems that the one-half skirt with buttons is one of the girls’ preference. In hot weather, the buttons can be unfastened to the thigh, and they can also play a role in opening up the underpants, which can not only show off a little sexy, but also appears to be casual and breathable. 

                         Small coat with a short body skirt, unbuttoned


In addition to being put on chest and thigh, button put on shoulder is actually the most eye-catching decoration. When you release the button on  your shoulders and tilt your clothes naturally, it’s cool as well as more stylish. 

The bare shoulder is not necessarily the sexiest, but can become the coolest 


when it comes to buttons, how can you ignore jeans? Jeans with metal buttons are the most common combination. In fact, when the buttons are stretched into a row of distribution, there is no lack of temperament beauty. 

The buttons on the skirt and the buttons on the coat appear to be full of temperament.


The splicing of feather and cortex is particularly surprising, and the medium, which appears to be low and able to restore these essence, is nothing but button, and the direct splicing and zipper may make it worse.

The splicing of feather and cortex can be finished  by button

Slanting buckles, hanging buckles, decorative buttons, regular buttons…. We have to admit that these clothes will be depressing without those small items, and button makes it easy to shape, and the unbuttoned and buckled will bring different feelings.