Sometimes the quality of a shirt depends entirely on buttons.

There are many types of buttons like jean buttons, shirt buttons, pant buttons and different styles of buttons often match shirts of different styles,so it doesn’t mean  the more expensive buttons are , the better it is. It makes sense only when they match with the suitable shirts.

In Terms of Formal Level of Shirts To Choose Button Which Is one Main Garment Accessories

white button

Formal business shirts often use white buttons such as white butterfly buckle, sharp tail snails, resin buckles ect. It may make your shirt style mix&match if you choose the buttons at will.

In terms of casual shirt,you can choose brightly colored, personalized buttons.

In Terms of Button Material.

white button

Buttons are generally divided into two types— natural and artificial: natural buttons has less color but it is full of natural luster and beauty; artificial buttons are rich in color and more personal.

Mostly, designers and consumers prefer natural material, so many people like to choose natural buttons. But the color of natural buttons is limited, sometimes it can be unsatisfying, so  more bright, fashionable button color are needed and artificial buttons meet the need.

Black Natural Button

black button

Artificial buttons are usually made from resin plant materials. They include a variety of colors by synthesis and color. In the pursuit of individualization, artificial buttons have been widely accepted and used in large quantities.

Little Buttons Play a Big Role On Clothing Production.

In fact, small buttons, if chosen well, can play a role of punch line in the whole shirt, showing the characteristics of your shirt vividly.