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Who We Are

ES is one top grand on garment accessories which belong to Europe Sources Group. Operating a 15,000-square-meter headquarters and five of our own factories, we produce garment accessories such as fabric, webbing, metal plates, zippers, buttons, drawstrings, and labels, everything you need to complete any outfit and look great. In our view, fashion is all about the details, the little things that your mind sees but that you never consciously consider, which is why we believe so wholeheartedly in the value and the importance of what we do at ES. Our partners, all ten of them, produce other garment accessories, and by and large, ES stands for two things above all else: quality and convenience.

Within the apparel industry, there has been a process of division, to the point that when you need five different accessories you will often find yourself running around to five different places. That does not need to be the case any longer! ES is your one-stop source for all garment accessories, helping you to cut down dramatically on the time and effort you spend finding the garment accessories that are right for you. Our team of 19 designers can design any product or garment within a short amount of time, over-delivering on promises with consistency.

Our wholesalers know that they can trust us because we stick to our promises, meet deadlines, and work hard to assure the quality of all our shipments, and our individual customers know that they can trust us because of our impeccable service and our commitment to excellence. Producing more than 7 million garments every year, we are veritable experts when it comes to the garment production process. When you work with ES, you can customize any garment design with top-quality accessories and get your order sooner rather than later with our ultra-fast processing and delivery.

Based out of Xintang Town, world-renowned for producing jeans, ES brings to the table years of apparel industry experience. Our products are regularly exported to Italy, France, Germany, Britian, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Turkey, Israel, Switzerland, and other countries around the world.

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More About ES

Help you create your own brand by our youthful and talented designers team together with our high quality product in case your brand is not that strong.

Help  you expand your brand market by our fast designed garment accessories and unique designed apparel in case you have one popular brand already.

Gathering European and American Vogue Elements.
Professional, Win-Win, Synergetic, Developing

Let our staffs own full of belonging and duties;
Let customers own full of dependency and have nothing to worry about.

Our Crazy Skills

Design Speed 98
Fashion Elements 95
Product Quality 98
Customer Service 96
Square Meters
Group Staffs

ES Brand Story

Focus on the research, development and promotion of the medium and high level garment fabrics, our company keeps the management style of high quality, sufficient stock and fast delivery to achieve the great dream of making contributions to the development of garment industry.

The senior management of our company decided to expand the business and set up a one-stop sunshine sourcing platform of clothing accessories combining the hot spots of B2B trading platform in 2015. Our company is keeping exploring on the road of making contributions to the garment industry. That’s what make our garment accessories brand “ES” come into being. ES represent “Excellent Service” on One-Stop Sourcing Mission.

Understanding the significance of high quality stock goods for garment companies we have tried to integrate the supply chain and one-stop service with the “Internet plus” thinking. One-stop collection orders of buttons, lining cloth, fillet, zippers and ribbon reduce the communication costs of different suppliers and remove many intermediate links which leads to the reducing of the overall procurement costs nearly 30%. 

As one apparel group company we own 5 garment accessories factory together with 3 big apparel production line which can be sure all your sourcing problem can be solved from us directly, no matter whether it’s garment accessories customization production, various stock production sourcing or your brand apparel production, we can give all the help you need. That’s our unique advantage compared with other suppliers.

Most of the employees had been working from the establishment of the company. Due to the approval of the company’s development direction, they set a common goal of serving the customers in the influence of the company’s culture.

Due to the lower procurement costs, less procurement time of one-stop collection of the stock various garment accessories, no quantity limitation of the stock products and better way of workers with 20 years’ experiences to solve the pr-sales and after-sales problems, our company has achieved the repeating sourcing rate as high as 90%. Meanwhile, the stream of old customers introduce brothers’ company to purchase our garment accessories here.

ES has always believed in “good garment accessories, not so expensive” and has been committed to shortening the procurement process, reducing the procurement time. Meanwhile we achieve the one-stop sourcing of the garment accessories procurement to ensure the clarity of the corporate settlements and open the exquisite life of clothing manufacturers.

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