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ES one stop garment accessories service to cater to your fashion demand. Europe Sources fast design ability together with strict quality control principle can be sure about your apparel accessories supply excellent result.

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A Bit About Us

ES belong to one top garment accessories brand from Europe Sources Apparel Group which is one of big clothing manufacturers  in China. Inspired by the styles and currents from the global top 5 fashion shows and all walks on the streets, our excellent design team, whose 19 members are all masterful in this field, designs for the fashionable crowd.

At ES, we are committed to making you look great, providing all the garment accessories that you need in order to optimize your output. Our wide range of products includes fabric, webbing, metal plates, zippers, and labels. Whatever you need, we are here for you, providing top-quality accessories backed by outstanding service.

Producing more than 7 million garments each and every year, we understand completely just what our clients care about and just how critical it is that we get everything right. At each our five satellite location and our larger main location, we are vigilant about keeping everything world-class and convenient no matter whether it’s garment accessories or apparel manufacture. You can always count on us to live up to the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

ES is your one-stop source for all garment accessories and clothing. Dress well, dress for success, dress with ES!

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Multi-color knitted webbing and wholesale ribbon, delicate texture, high washing fastness, not shrink, not broken, strong wear resistance, fashionable novelty, smooth anti-wrinkle, use of thin decorative fabric meanwhile adopting this season’s most popular international fashion elements make this kind webbing band a very hot product for this season, especially the extensive use on the clothing decoration like pants side, decorative belt,sleeve side, etc and it own strong sense of fashion. It can also be used as a pet’s leash, DIY handmade and other uses, soft to the touch.




As a manufacture of zippers, we know what kind of zippers are more popular these days. You can find any kind of zippers from ES like invisible zippers, coil zippers, waterproof zipper, resin zipper, open-end zipper, close-end zipper, two pull zippers, metal zippers, etc. Any kind of zippers can be provided by us. Any design can be customized by ES too. We use high quality material to guarantee the total zipper result. Environmental friendly materials can let your customers rest assured about your design quality. Our designers team always push out latest fashion zippers for your selection on your design.




Fashion stars plus pearl softness create one unique style metal plate garment accessories which belong to one popular metal plate to be widely used on this season’s clothing and shoes.Hang plating production process, shining luster,no oxidation and fading,perfect texture feeling and high-precision grinding tools to suppress delicate workmanship.The edges have been patiently polished, smooth and not stingy. Simple design with careful decoration can lead fashion trend for the most beautiful fashion dress up




As a manufacture of drawers, it is also necessary to have a sense of fashion, and the questioning of the craftsmanship of the dyed yarns will always reveal the scent of fashion. Special craftsmanship, no fading, no discounts, no awkwardness for wear, widely used in the waistbands of casual pants and the drawstrings on the cap brim of the jacket. Drawstrings can also be used as shoelaces for a wide variety of colors.Nylon material, no lint, no wrinkle, no discoloration and durable, lead plastic tube design helps to wear convenient, environmental friendly materials can let you rest assured to buy


Featured new items hand picked by our top designer

ES Is More Than A Top Garment Accessories Brand.

ES not only give you the ability to achieve one-stop sourcing on latest fashion garment accessories but also help you create your own brand by our talented designers who are ready to help you create your unique design though our strong production line. As one big apparel manufacturer we know what you want quite well.



As a apparel group company, clothing production is our another main advantage compared with other clothing suppliers. We own 3 big clothing production line in our group headquarter factory. We help lots of big clothing brand produce their high quality clothing thanks to our designers team and professional staff who can make all the clothing production go smoothly.

Why not learn the whole clothing production to learn us better. We believe the more you learn us the more you will trust us. We look forward to your visiting our factory any time!


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Garment Accessories – Webbing

You can find various webbing style from ES. We focus on world fashion trend all the time then create different style webbing to lead fashion meanwhile create fashion trend too. Webbing band, webbing tape, webbing strip, webbing ribbon,etc. Letter webbing, printed webbing, knitting webbing, etc. Any style webbing apparel accessories you can find from ES.

Garment Accessories – Metal Plate

We will design various metal plate shape meanwhile use different decoration to create unique design metal plate like adding pearl, rhinestone onto metal plate. You can not only customize metal plate shape from ES but also customize metal plate material from ES too. We can meet your different requirement on your demand to meet your unique design.

Garment Accessories – Drawstring

We own very high standard on drawstrings even though it don’t play very important  role on garment accessories. You can find any your loved style drawstrings from ES. Any demand on drawstrings can be met here.

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