///What Are The Classifications Of Webbing?

What Are The Classifications Of Webbing?

What are the categories of webbing?

1. Elastic bands: Crochet band/cable elastic band/twill elastic band/tight elastic band/Newton elastic band/pull elastic band/anti-slip elastic band/jacquard elastic band;

2, Rope: round rubber rope / needle pass, PP, low elasticity, acrylic, cotton, hemp rope;

3, Knitted tape: Due to the special structure, refers to the horizontal (dimensional) elastic, mainly used on the knitting of the knit band;

4, letters tape: polypropylene material, mention letters, bilateral letters, round rope letters;

5, Herringbone: transparent shoulder straps, yarns, belts;

6, luggage webbing: PP belt, nylon wrapping belt, cotton belt, rayon ribbon, acrylic ribbon, jacquard ribbon;

7, velvet belt: elastic velvet belt, double-sided velvet belt;

8, Velvet: velvet with velvet material, a thin layer of hair mounted on the tape;

9, printing belt: Tailored various patterns on the top of the tape;

10. Earrings: Suitable for women’s skirts (lugs), sweater tops, collars and cuffs;


Garment Accessories – Webbing

You can find various webbing style from ES. We focus on world fashion trend all the time then create different style webbing to lead fashion meanwhile create fashion trend too. Webbing band, webbing tape, webbing strip, webbing ribbon,etc. Letter webbing, printed webbing, knitting webbing, etc. Any style webbing apparel accessories you can find from ES.

Garment Accessories – Metal Plate

We will design various metal plate shape meanwhile use different decoration to create unique design metal plate like adding pearl, rhinestone onto metal plate. You can not only customize metal plate shape from ES but also customize metal plate material from ES too. We can meet your different requirement on your demand to meet your unique design.

Garment Accessories – Drawstring

We own very high standard on drawstrings even though it don’t play very important  role on garment accessories. You can find any your loved style drawstrings from ES. Any demand on drawstrings can be met here.