Something You Should Learn About Zipper Stoppers


Many people only know zippers are divided into waterproof zippers, invisible zippers, metal zippers, resin zippers, etc but don't know more about zippers. Zippers are a sophisticated thing made up of numerous parts including teeth, slider, puller, tape, cork, and so on. Zipper Stoppers generally pertain to the best stopper and also the bottom cork which [...]

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How to Select Zipper with Better Appearance


To pick high-quality zippers like waterproof zippers and invisible zippers, it is not nearly enough to observe their bodily efficiency. Zippers must additionally satisfy other criteria in the course of their make use of, including look, form, measurements, chemistry, ecological defense, and so on The physical functionality evaluates the interior high quality of zippers generally coming [...]

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How To Identify The Quality Of The Zipper?


How to identify the quality of the zipper The zipper is one of the important accessories of the garment. The zipper is related to the functionality of the garment. The qualified zipper guarantees the aesthetic and functional requirements of the garment. Therefore, when using the zipper, pay attention to the correct quality of the zipper. An [...]

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Understand The Common Washing Methods Of Zippers


1. Commonly used washing methods General washing: the water temperature is around 60~90 °C and adding a certain detergent for 15 minutes; Enzyme washing: Enzyme is a cellulase that degrades the fiber structure at a certain pH and temperature, so that the cloth surface can be gently faded, fading (produces "peach skin" fruit) and Long lasting [...]

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11 Great Ways Designers Use To Lead Fashion Road


Clothing Fashion Design Ways For 2018 Autumn and Winter TO Design Your Own Clothing Garment Accessories Details First For Clothing Manufacturers To Learn 2018 early autumn clothing series shows an elegant tone, transforming the soft female style of recent seasons . The trimming and garment accessories are very attractive. Clothing designers are inspired by practical and [...]

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2019 Summer Autumn Forecast Of Garment Accessories


By the end of the season, girls can't help going shopping clothing.But they will be confuseded about how to match after going home. At this time, it is particularly important to take into account the utility and beauty of the individual clothings garment accessories! Such garment accessories products are not only easy for girl to match [...]

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Button – Punchline of a Shirt


Sometimes the quality of a shirt depends entirely on buttons. There are many types of buttons like jean buttons, shirt buttons, pant buttons and different styles of buttons often match shirts of different styles,so it doesn't mean  the more expensive buttons are , the better it is. It makes sense only when they match with the [...]

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The Distance Between You And Fashion Is A Row Of Buttons


You think buttons are designed to fasten clothes? You're wrong The distance between you and fashion is a row of buttons. As one of the most important elements of fashion. Buttons are small but never lack of wonderful stories! No matter how convenient the zipper is, it is still not a substitute for the old invitations. [...]

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No Visible Difference On Garment Accessories But The Difference Is Exposed


Most people have encountered such problems: The collars that they just started wearing are still quite upright,but after washing for a few times, the clothing will collapse when you wear, even if  ironed, they still will fall down, clothing also does not show class. What determines the trouble is the collar lining wrapped in the collar [...]

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18 Core Theoretical Principle of Clothing Fabric And Printing


A Core Theoretical Principle of Clothing Fabric and Complete LIST of "Printing" Expression Technology   Printing pattern design is a kind of processing technology in the design of fabric surface decoration. Generally, after forming the design idea,  designer select the appropriate design style pattern based on theme and express it by some expression way like hand-drawing, collage [...]

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Garment Accessories – Webbing

You can find various webbing style from ES. We focus on world fashion trend all the time then create different style webbing to lead fashion meanwhile create fashion trend too. Webbing band, webbing tape, webbing strip, webbing ribbon,etc. Letter webbing, printed webbing, knitting webbing, etc. Any style webbing apparel accessories you can find from ES.

Garment Accessories – Metal Plate

We will design various metal plate shape meanwhile use different decoration to create unique design metal plate like adding pearl, rhinestone onto metal plate. You can not only customize metal plate shape from ES but also customize metal plate material from ES too. We can meet your different requirement on your demand to meet your unique design.

Garment Accessories – Drawstring

We own very high standard on drawstrings even though it don’t play very important  role on garment accessories. You can find any your loved style drawstrings from ES. Any demand on drawstrings can be met here.